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Question: How do we transform the gay world forever?
Answer: By allowing gay men to make money from being good (showing up, having integrity)

How: When gay men meet, they enter into a social contract that is run by the Ethereum Crypto Platform, and when the contract is successfully fulfilled, both parties earn $100, $200 or $500 depending on the length and the level of the contract.

This is the kind of innovation that we are doing inside Big Gay Family – to bring futuristic ideas that have a real impact on our lives. So, if you are hesitating about joining us, you may be late to the table of the most innovative social platform in the world. Straight people can only dream about the sophistication that we have been able to produce over the past 12 years.

► 6 Stages For Gay Dating & Gay Relationships:

Discover the stages that make relationships possible. When you meet gay men, you will be going through those stages to create a committed gay relationship. Instead of going randomly through dating, you can date with intent and deliberate action to move from stage to stage and ALWAYS go further than in any other dating strategy.

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Life is short – don’t waste it on silly people and activities! See you in the program.
–Paul Angelo MHA, MBA.

See you in the Program.