Taurus + Pisces

Earth + Water = Mud

The sign of Pisces falls in the friendship area of the Sun sign of Taurus. The Pisces–Taurus connection is predominantly one of companionship and social activity.

Pisces tends to be far more spiritual and idealistic than you, with your practical ‘must touch and see to believe’ nature. They will have to prove that they can balance what’s possible with what’s real if they’re going to cut it with you.

Having said that, you will still feel attracted to the Pisces energy. Perhaps the watery sign will drip, drip, drip on your emotions and slowly break down your scepticism.

Pisces could teach you important karmic life lessons about believing in things you can’t see — you may learn about faith, and about trust in a higher being. You have lessons to teach Pisces as well. You can show them the value of balancing their spiritual life with their practical day-to-day existence. Both sides may find these lessons tough at first, but it is worth persisting — there is much you can learn from each other.

You, Taurus, are extremely straightforward, extremely ‘black and white’ in many ways. Being with you is a very unusual experience for Pisces. They like to absorb many different emotional and spiritual colours.

Pisces wants to go deep — to get to the heart of the mystery of life and nature — whereas are often quite content with the routineness of your existence. You like to know from day to day where everything is and what you can expect around the next corner.

You can have a great meeting of heart and mind with Pisces born between 19 February and 28/29 February. They are supreme idealists, and see the whole world through rose-coloured glasses. However, you may find yourself at odds with them sometimes because they are not terribly practical.

Pisces born between 1 March and 10 March are not quite as compatible with you. They are very sensitive and emotional; this will look wishy-washy to you. You need strength and decisiveness. Some people born around this time have extraordinary psychic and intuitive abilities. This may interest you initially, but their lack of practicality is likely to see you lose interest soon. Mars and Pluto make those born between 11 March and 20 March hot and very intense. You’ll be seduced by their emotional responses. They are strong, silent and deep — but also demanding. Unless you’re prepared to compromise, this could be a dizzy ride of highs and lows.