Taurus + Aquarius

Earth + Air = Dust

You have a conservative, practical, matter-of-fact approach to most issues. Aquarius, in contrast, has a tendency to be progressive and ideological about life. At times you feel that Aquarius is ‘off with the fairies’ — some of their ideas are just too impractical for you. They, on the other side of the coin, will be frustrated because they can’t get you to think outside the square. Aquarius is really focused on social issues, diplomacy and politics, whereas you feel that good management and charity start at home. You are more concerned with the immediate challenges of life than with global or even community issues.

Aquarius is a fixed sign, like Taurus, so there’s little room for either of you to adjust to the other’s viewpoint. You are both very much creatures of habit and will have settled into your own way of seeing and doing things. This will be more pronounced if you’ve reached the 35 year mark.

The unconventional approach of Aquarius will also appear in the bedroom. Their sensual explorations will help you discover a deeper part of your nature. Sex could become a far more fulfilling part your life than you ever thought possible.

Although they make wonderful casual partners, Aquarius is probably not who you would want to tie the marriage knot with. Try minimising your involvement with Aquarians born between 21 January and 30 January. The relationship between your ruling planets and these people is challenging. Erratic is the way you would describe them. You won’t feel grounded in a relationship with an Aquarian born during this period.

You’ll have a very good rapport and a great sensual connection with those born between 31 January and 8 February. Mercury is always a fine planet for you, and these people have an affinity with it. Games, intellectual understanding and great communication means you are well suited.

Those born between 9 February and 18 February are co-ruled by Venus and Libra, and so have the same sort of disposition as you. Because Venus is your ruling planet, you are a good match astrologically. The only thing you won’t like about them is their indecision and procrastination; on every other front, you could have a rewarding future with them.