Shyness is a problem that may lead to one missing out on all things that life offers.  Shy people are less likely to date and focus more on themselves than conversing with other people.  Chances are shy people are perceived as less friendly and boring because of his inability to speak in social undertakings. He also gives the impression of being inferior and less likely to succeed.

When you’re shy and introverted, there is a chance that you might need the help of some friends who might be able to bring you out of your shell. If you hate going to night clubs, you can perhaps attend class, find a work or go shopping. Introvert people may take a lot of effort to meet people. Having an outgoing friend may help ease the burden of shyness.

Because of the social uneasiness, shy men are deemed as unattractive. As a result, shy men are rarely given a chance to show their real self.

Indeed, most guys will not consider continuing to spend their time with a negative and depressing person, however, a shy man faces the difficult problem of getting attention or actually even being noticed in the first place.

There are some places where shy men could actually begin casual friendships and relationships. Attending groups or classes in any subject he wishes to pursue is a good place to start with.

This offers an opportunity to be in an environment of people with the same interest as you. In addition, if you do not spot someone, this is actually a win-win situation because you did something you like doing. When you see a nice guy, begin conversations with him.

Don’t allow him shoo away from you. Your nice and calm approach won’t probably scare him away. Act naturally and as normal as possible. Be yourself and if he shows no interest in you, that’s that. You got acquainted, you tried, try again!

Bear in mind that there are many more obstacles when you do find someone.

Question is whether it’s possible for someone who is nice to develop confidence and outside assurance.  Many guys believe that they get bored of nice guys because they have no confidence, assertiveness and sexual passion, and that jerks do not know how to listen and only look for sex and act as though he was a piece of property to be used, abused and set on a shelf.

The desire to be trusted and liked for who you are is one element of shyness that may work to your advantage.   Also – you  should pick up a few self help books and evaluate your psychology and mindset.  There is a reason why you are shy.  It is probably due to some events in the past that only you know about.

In my opinion – most guys who are shy are using it as a cover. But I may be wrong.  Please post comments below.

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  1. There are a couple of other possibilities. You may not be shy at all. I know some shy people who are shy when they meet someone, and then become interesting and eloquent after a few meetings. My reading on that is that they are NOT shy, but afraid, sometimes even terrified of rejection. Once not rejected they can loosen up and become their real selves. the other is that somewhere on some level they feel like they are better then the people they meet and therefore don’t want to sully themselves with people whose motives are suspect. These people aren’t shy, they just appear that way. My conclusion is that each individual who is shy has to do a severe self examination and figure out what they are really all about. If you can’t be objective about yourself, no harm, just seek out a relationship expert and let him figure it out.

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