How Absence Of Women Affects Gay Men In Relationship Pursuits

Absence of women in romantic gay relationships makes it difficult for gay men to understand how relationships work. In heterosexual relationships, it is not the men who create relationships, but the women. And because gay men copy mostly after heterosexual men, who rarely know how to make relationships work, gay men do not inherit the behaviors that make relationships possible. This is the the reason why most gay men struggle in relationships for many years.

Rebuilding Gay Society With Sufism, Stoicism And Objectivism

Every man has the power to attain all his goals, fall in love and be happy but to activate his potential he needs to enter the space of trust with other men.   Sufism opens your heart. Stoicism helps you develop your character.  Objectivism teaches you how to think.  Any man who empowers himself with these teachings has the opportunity to enter the space of trust with other men and benefit from the cooperation and innovation that it produces.