Every Man's Trap (Gay)

Every Man’s Trap (Gay)

Most gay men live their whole lives jumping from one trap to another, especially with sex and choices of partners. Only those who have therapists and coaches can snap out of this trap. Watch this video to learn about this trap and about the biggest obstacle to personal growth and transformation for men.

The Anal Sex Moment (Gay)

The Anal Sex Moment (Gay)

The conversation about anal sex is a conversation about honesty, more than physiology and logic. Are gay men really so detached from their bodies not to feel the pain from anal intercourse? Are they so much in self-abandonment that they perceive pain as pleasure? Enjoy another discussion about anal sex.

Surviving Demoralization

Surviving Demoralization (Gay)

Signs of demoralization in the gay world are everywhere. The absence of proper conduct when meeting, communicating, and having sex creates a cycle of trauma and wounding. Protecting yourself from this demoralization should be your number one priority at this time so that when you meet your lover you are not acting out your hurt and instead you call in love with him.