Aries + Virgo
Fire + Earth = Lava

The cool, critical, perfectionist Virgo is a difficult kettle of fish for you, Aries. In fact, Virgo is so different from you that you may feel completely at odds with them, even irritated by them. You could also find yourself getting pretty angry with their moral attitudes.

And looking at it from the other side, your fast, furious and impulsive nature will throw Virgo into a complete tailspin. You aren’t too concerned with what people think, and you don’t mind the occasional in-your-face shock tactic. This just won’t work with Virgo.

This is, therefore, not a combination for the faint of heart. Think deeply before you jump into this one.

Although the snapshot above shows you and Virgo as quite incompatible, there’s still hope. You can learn a lot from the order and meticulousness of Virgo: you could benefit by applying some of their practicality and orderliness to your own life.

As with the other earth signs, Taurus and Capricorn, Virgo relates best to the financial and work areas of your life. There are many lessons to be learned by both of you here. If you’re open enough and willing to accept the advice Virgo has to offer in this field, you could learn how to prudently apply your wisdom. And likewise, if Virgo is open enough, they will learn about risk-taking and bringing more vital energy to a task.

If you do choose to work with each other, the combination could be very successful, because Virgo will support you completely. You see, Virgo is very interested in two ideas: service and perfection. You might describe them as fastidious, but you mustn’t be too judgmental.

One big plus is that Virgo will be more than happy to listen to all your ideas, and to take them seriously. They will then home in on them and refine them into something that works in practice. On this level, both of you could be quite surprised at how fine a job you do together.

Your straightforwardness and your honest, unadorned style are very unlike the complex, intellectual and deductive mind of Virgo. The two of you often have similar ideals, but you will present your views and live out your principles in vastly different ways.

This difference in style is also very noticeable in the sexual relationship between you. Virgo is prim and proper — probably overly so for your raw and primitive approach. But remember, Virgo was born to serve, as you were born to lead, so there could be a kind of compatibility between you. Don’t be too quick to jump to conclusions, especially in matters of love — it may just work! If you do feel attracted to a Virgo, possibly due to some karmic longing, those born in the third portion — between 13 September and 23 September — will be the most suitable for you.

Try to avoid partnerships with those born between 3 September and 13 September. This is a really tough combination.

Virgos born between 24 August and 2 September are moderately compatible, so you might want to give it a try with them.