Aries + Scorpio
Fire + Water = Steam

Without doubt, Scorpio will take your breath away! Their power is quite likely way beyond any you’ve experienced before. This is a unique and intense combination from the outset. But can you handle it?

Aries, you like to dominate, and you prefer to be centre stage. You want to be the leader in a relationship, and Scorpio will let you think you are … for a while. But you’ll soon discover — and this will be a shock — that they plan to take that position in the relationship. And they plan to do it by stealth. If you want the more positive aspects of this relationship to emerge and thrive, you must be careful to avoid getting into a battle of wills. Despite this, the relationship can work — sometimes famously. Take Agnetha Faltskog and Anni-Frid Lyngstad, the female singers of the 1970s hit band Abba. The two worked together wonderfully, and the partnership went on to sell millions of records.

Scorpio is secretive and subtle, whereas you’re up front and blatant. This doesn’t mean Scorpio won’t say what’s on their mind. They do, but they don’t always say it immediately.

There’ll be occasions when your opinions will be vastly different, because of the differences in your life perspectives. Because you’re both very determined and forceful, you’ll find yourselves clashing intensely. These bouts of rage, when you both try to assert your superiority, will be a nice forerunner to the kiss-and-make-up (make love) sessions that follow. You may find yourselves provoking each other in order to get to the bedroom aftermath!

Scorpio is a very compatible star sign for you sexually, because you are both ruled by the passionate Mars. Pluto dominates the sign of Scorpio, and brings with it a rather icy depth that may be hard for your often superficial approach.

Scorpio can inspire you to look beneath the surface of life, and you will enjoy exploring the deeper sides of life together.

Aries, you do have the energy, physically and mentally, to keep up with Scorpio. Explore, experiment, and see where this journey might take you. At the very least it’ll be an interesting ride.

Scorpios born between 24 October and 4 November will clash ferociously with you. You will irritate each other and take pleasure in proving each other wrong. This is perhaps to do with self-esteem issues. Making another person feel weaker so that you feel stronger is not a good basis for a relationship. This is not a relationship to be entered into without a great deal of thought. Scorpios born between 4 November and 14 November are more idealistic and spiritually inclined than the other groups of Scorpios. You may be fascinated by them, but you might also find them a little too way-out for your liking. Those born between 15 November and 23 November are by far the most capable of calming your intense emotional nature. This is because they are also ruled by the Moon and Cancer. They are a softer breed, and there will be few dramas between you.