Let Go Of The Story Why Gay Love Is Difficult

Let go of your “STORY” for why you cannot have love in gay life.

Find out how to let go of the “STORY” for why you cannot have happiness, love and abundance in your life by paying attention to your past hurts and the level of energy every day.

It will take motivation and will power to remove your inhibitions and fear related to gay dating and gay relationships. Get rest, sleep well and become compassionate towards yourself to regain your strength and remove the limited thoughts from your life.

Are Cheaters Bad Or Is Commitment Possible in Gay Relationships

Is Cheating Bad? Or Is Commitment Very Difficult In Gay Relationships

Are you burning bridges too soon? Are you closing yourself off from love in the name of controlling someone else’s life?

Commitment is more difficult than people think. Given that most people lack integrity with their own word, we should not expect commitment from our lovers unless we first work on commitment with ourselves in the areas of money, health and friendships. It takes decades for a gay man to develop enough character to have integrity with himself. Most people never develop that skill.

It is naïve to assume that because he says “I love you” that automatically his behavior will fit into the norms created by society, specifically by religious standards.