Romantic love is situational, person-dependent and it’s requirements change as someone goes through life. It is a feeling of connection that is future directed with emphasis on completion of the person’s subconscious or written fantasies, dreams and goals. People fall in love because on a certain level there is a strong benefit that exists subconsciously to both people. Love is selfish and utilitarian.

We do not fall in love based on what is, but based on what will be in the future that will benefit us. Love is the “energy” that makes 2 people effective in doing whatever they want to do, hence love is a “tool” for progress and change. Love is blind to the degree that the benefits of being in love outweigh the negative characteristics of one person.

If someone is depressed, for him the feeling of love will come from someone taking him out of his depression by making him feel good…hence the utility of love is always dependent on the persons current state and future goals.

Mother nature created love because it is a “chain” that bonds people together for a period of time during which they can leverage its power by accomplishing deeds that previously couldn’t be done for lack of motivation and energy.

Love therefore is the mechanism that ensure survival of the species at times of difficulty and crisis. Love doesn’t last forever because it needs fuel. Love ends as fuel ends. This is why constant supply of love-fuel is necessary for the bond to last.

Relationships are the mechanisms that create love. But that is another story ;)

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