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  1. Hi:

    i am 46 and a successful attorney here in Miami. I have had a relationship for 11 years that after moving to Miami has not worked out. I am in the process of moving to my own place and would like to meet other gay men to listen to relationship advise and help me through this difficult time.

  2. It seems that and enthusiasm for the Colony Hotel is not universally high.

    I draw your attention to a regular visitor who has posted a review on TripAdvisor.(Read it) He said that the elderly hotel manager is obnoxious, that they staff is unfriendly and even rude, and that the drinks are way overpriced. Plus the hotel is tired and pretentious. Why would anyone PAY to go to such a place??? It’s sounds like a rip off by miserable people trying to scam money from gay men.
    This sounds like a perfect place for Log Cabin Republicans who seem to love being tortured.

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