The Anal Sex Moment (Gay)

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Get ready for another deeper dive into gay sexuality.  In this podcast, I will share with you a story about my ex-boyfriend and how a sexual situation with him changed the way I look at anal sex. Somehow, over the past 40 years, anal sex has seen no scrutiny and no intelligent assimilation into a functional worldview about gay sexuality.  Instead, the discussion about the validity of anal sex has been avoided and neglected.

The conversation about anal sex is a conversation about honesty, more than physiology and logic. Most gay men are afraid to talk about the dangers of anal sex and gay coaches and therapists avoid that subject for fear of being called anti-gay.

So, I have taken the liberty to record a series of videos about anal sex and have that discussion with you.  This is one of the last videos about anal sex and one that is more personal than the rest.  Enjoy and see you in the next podcast.


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