Taurus + Taurus

Earth + Earth = Solid Ground

There’s something simple and straightforward about Taurus. Down to earth and uncomplicated sums you up. When you meet your star twin, you’ll be attracted, and at ease with them.

The soft, loving, sociable energy of Venus will contribute to the magic you’ll both experience in that first encounter. You’ll both be comfortable, and appreciate the way you can so easily share affection.

Grace, charm and good etiquette are very important spices when it comes to a Taurean’s romantic appetite, so the two of you will have the same standards, the same requirements.

It’s quite likely that your meeting will take place at some social or artistic event, because Venus also rules art, music, clothes, fashion and jewellery. You’ll both be attracted to these.

Having friends is important to Taurus, so when two Taureans are together, there will be lots of social and cultural activities. Neither of you will go for anything too wild, but new and interesting friendships will be the cornerstone of your romance — it’s an important piece of common ground.

You both resist change if you feel it is being imposed upon you. This means that neither of you will push unexpected changes on the other. This is a plus in many ways, but it has risks as well.

In this combination, both sides can, without realising it, slip into a pattern of behaviour which is very undemanding. That way lies complacency, and that is not a good place to be.

You are both seekers of security, so one of you will have to take the initiative if you are to move beyond mere safety and into success. Be cautious here, though. If both of you are preoccupied with earning money, time together could become a scarce commodity. That’s a recipe for trouble.

At the other extreme, you could lock horns if both of you want to control the dollars and cents.

However, money matters shouldn’t really present much of a problem, and your shared love of home and family is strong, so this could be a good match, financially and emotionally.

By far your best match is with Taureans born between 20 April and 29 April. You will feel an affinity with them on most levels.

Those born between 30 April and 10 May will give you lots of exciting romantic times. Sex and intimacy are the strong points with these people. Taureans born between 11 May and 21 May will be inclined to a more serious financial approach; this could satisfy your financial instincts.