Taurus + Libra

Earth + Air = Dust

Libra is ruled by Venus, as you are, so there’s an immediate connection between Librans and Taureans. Libra is an air sign and stimulates your mind, and your earthiness can ground the mental scatter of the Libran.

You will enjoy the social variety that Libra brings, but it could also exhaust you. Remember, you need domestic stability. So while you need sociability, you will need to strike a balance between the two styles. Too much partying will put you off balance.

A Libran can offer you the sensitivity — and social graces — you need. On your own, you can be pretty stubborn and wilful. Librans seem to know how to deal with that. On the other side, you can offer Libra a comfortable and secure future.

If your Libran friend is sensitive and co-operative, this relationship can be a superb one — a perfect balance of social activity and domestic bliss, where you nurture and support each other.

Libra will be prepared to help you in areas related to work. If you’ve felt obstructed, and incapable of feeling inspired in your life path, Libra will help push you forward.

Libra is the sign that relates to your vitality. It also reflects the opposite — illness — for your sign. It points to possible health issues, or problems with everyday activities and routines. Your lifestyles may be out of sync with each other. In the extreme, an overly social Libran may not feel comfortable staying home, whereas you are most comfortable at home.

The partnership may need both of you to make major lifestyle adjustments until you find a happy medium. Be careful not to go too far with this. If, out of a sense of obligation, you surrender your Taurean needs, your health and wellbeing may suffer in the future.

Librans born between 23 September and 3 October are ruled by Venus, and their views and life objectives will be a very good match with yours. You will have great relationships with these people.

If you get involved with those born between 4 October and 13 October, remember that the sign of Aquarius has an influence on them. You may find two things difficult. One, they have some pretty progressive ideas — wacky, you might even say. And two, because of this they may not give you the stability or security you look for. If love is blind, though, it might work.

Those born between 14 October and 23 October are very attracted to you and have a high degree of sensuality. Communication is a key word for them, though, so get out the books and brush up on your general knowledge and social skills. You’ll need it with them!