Taurus + Gemini

Earth + Air = Dust

Although the planets Venus and Mercury, which rule Taurus and Gemini respectively, are friendly, there are some major differences in the two signs’ basic personality and motivations.

Taurus prefers a slow, easy-going pace. This is clear in the way you approach your day-to-day life, and in the way you communicate. You prefer to delve into things deeply and methodically, solving problems step by step.

Gemini is totally different, preferring to flit from one thing to another. They can become restless and impatient — even irritable, on occasion. These character traits may not fit well with a Taurus.

This doesn’t mean you’re not attracted to the wit and humour of Gemini. It’s just that you need things to be slower, by a degree or two.

Both of you will always have plenty to talk about, and will spend hours enjoying each other’s company. Gemini’s desire to explore will match you well, too.

You’re both also pleasure-seekers, and like to do things that engage you intellectually, emotionally and culturally — you have a lot in common. On a sexual level, you may be a little more slow-moving than Gemini. If the Gemini you are with is a thoughtful, self-aware one, they may put their mental abilities to good use, and take time to stimulate you. If you’re not so lucky, you may find that Gemini leaves you high and dry.

So while on some levels this combination is not bad, the restlessness of Gemini may be too much for you on a long-term basis.

You’re best suited to Geminis born between 2 June and 12 June, as Venus, your own ruling planet, also has a strong influence on them. Although these people will have the usual chatty Gemini wit, they have more artistic flair, and similar cultural tastes to you.

You could have some unexpected experiences with those born between 13 June and 21 June. It may be a roller-coaster ride. There’s a touch of Aquarius in them. If you like some excitement, but find it difficult to break free of your routine on your own, you may be in for a pleasant surprise with these Geminis. Geminis born between 22 May and 1 June will complement you well, and offer you great communication and a varied lifestyle. They will want to know the reason for every little thing, so be prepared for endless discussions — late night chats could continue well into the wee hours with them. ?