Taurus + Cancer

Earth + Water = Mud

Cancer is ruled by the Moon, which means changing moods and emotional highs and lows. But you both have a strong desire to show affection, so when the Cancerian is in an agreeable mood, your friendship will thrive.

This combination is very compatible, and could work well long term. This is becasue Taurus falls in Cancer’s area of friendship and fulfilment: you may be the answer to a lot of Cancer’s needs.

This is not always the case, though. Taurus brings a practical and earthy grounding to someone whose emotions at times are very volatile, and sometimes, this just doesn’t work.

But Cancer can slowly bring about the changes you need for your spiritual growth and fulfilment. And these changes could take place without too much argument from you because they won’t be sudden or imposed — you can live with that!

Don’t forget, some Taureans also have unpredictable mood swings. You may both have to accept that a little moodiness is a part of this relationship. The solution? Leave space for each other. If you do this, your compatibility rating will rise significantly.

There’s excitement and an emotional component in your sexual life with Cancer. This is essential for you — though you are a physical being, you relate well to the emotional input and sensitivity of a Cancerian.

Compassion for each other is a rare thing in relationships these days. This combination is an exception. The Moon and Venus are feminine in nature and highlight the softer characteristics of both parties.

Overall, your compatibility with Cancer is quite high. Cancerians born between 22 June and 3 July are excellent partners. This could be a sensitive and loving relationship.

You will be very attracted to Cancerians born between 4 July and 13 July, because they are ruled by Mars, your marital planet. There’s no doubt a friendship with someone born around this time could blossom into something very special.

Those born between 14 July and 22 July will intrigue you, but they may be better suited to being good friends or associates rather than lovers. The chemistry between you may not have quite enough spark. And spark is vital for a sexually vibrant long-term partnership.