Gay Coaching: Resolve Identity Crisis For More Success, Love And Happiness

Identity crisis can be a challenge for gay men who are seeking deeper connections in dating. The idea is simple – “become the kind of person who behaves in such a way that the result you want produces itself”. Another way of saying it is: “shape your identity so that your behaviors lead you to the result of having commited gay relationships.” Let’s discuss the most common obstacles related to identity that prevent gay men from succeeding in relationships, money and health.

Should You Sacrifice Self-Love For Romantic Love In Gay Relationships And Gay Marriages?

Should you choose yourself or your lover? Is self-love more important than romantic love towards another? This video explains the difference and one of the most important lesson every gay man will have to learn in his life. While romantic love feels 100 times stronger, we should not sell out ourselves because the price to pay is way too high.