Weekend Reflection For Prosperity, Happiness And Abundance For Gay Men

Reflecting about your life regularly helps you identify automatic patterns that create self-victimization, denial, fear, anxieties, mistakes and stuckness. For me, weekends are often moments of solitude, introspection and self-awareness. Without introspection and solitude, you will probably not be able to notice where in your life you are standing in your own way. Whether this is relationships, money, health or spirituality – clarity is an essential ingredient of success.

Gay Coaching: Resolve Identity Crisis

Identity crisis can be a challenge for gay men who are seeking deeper connections in dating. The idea is simple – “become the kind of person who behaves in such a way that the result you want produces itself”. Another way of saying it is: “shape your identity so that your behaviors lead you to the result of having commited gay relationships.” Let’s discuss the most common obstacles related to identity that prevent gay men from succeeding in relationships, money and health.