So you are drinking your Caffè latte and a hot guy sits next to you.  You see the guy and you are interested but as opposed to staring at him and smiling, you spark a conversation with the guy on the left because you want to show to the hot guy that you are a sociable guy and that you have “options”.   BAD MOVE!

When you see a person you like, you should look at them and smile. Staring works too.  If the other person does not smile back then it means he is not interested. If he smiles back – its a signal to stand up and walk over and say hi.  If you keep on sitting – the timing will be off and you will miss the opportunity to get the conversation started.

The male ego is what prevents us from acknowledging that someone is attractive and following up.  This is especially true if you think of yourself as the hotter one.

Don’t expect to feel comfortable when you approach a stranger – it will feel awkward but with practice you will get better.  I recommend that you spark a conversation with at least 1 person each time you go to Starbucks and when you see someone you like, stare, smile and approach.

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  1. For me that would mean lotsssss of coffee :-( Even-though my friends would say differently, I consider myself to be a very shy person. I’m not ashamed of it but I know I have missed lots of opportunities because of this. I always expect the other person to make the first move. Reading your example makes me think that if the other person is the same as I am we both will lose a great opportunity.

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