Spiritual Awakening For Gay Men: Sufi, Non-Duality, Gay Relationships, Love

Spiritual awakening for gay men is important because of the additional stresses we come across in relationships and in friendships. Our families are often ambivalent about our lives, so we need to stay “sane” and strong on our own.

Relying on lovers and friends to give us happiness will lead to disappointment because most gay men don’t know how to emotionally satisfy their friends and partners. So we are left unhappy and unfulfilled.

This is where spiritual practices come very helpful and powerful. With spirituality, we can fill our heart with the love that we need. By reconnecting to God, in whichever form he exists, we can receive ever-present love and connection that never goes away.

With communal practices, such as dances, chants and music we can replenish the emotional bucket with a sense of belonging and deep connection that carries us forward without the neediness that happens when we lack such experiences.

Every gay man should consider spiritual practices as a tool for personal freedom, success and emotional integration. Without spiritual practices, life becomes a series of compensatory relationships and friendships that give an illusion of happiness, but eventually lead to traumas, breakups and anxieties.

By reconnecting to God, we have a consistent presence that we can rely on and call upon to be there every day, every moment. When we have God in our hearts and minds, every relationship and friendship is easier and more accepting because we are already loved.

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