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  • Apr 30

    Sexual Freedom, Monogamy And Gay Sexual Compatibility

    In this video you will discover a fresh perspective about gay sexuality that will help you connect faster and build a genuine long term relationships. You will also discover how to free yourself from obligations +

  • Feb 26

    How To Prioritize Sex Vs. Relationships

    Keep your gay relationship forever by separating sexual pursuits from relationship pursuits and then merging them together with commitment and monogamy. In this video you will learn about the structure of gay +

  • Sep 20

    How much sex is too much and how much too little?

    Find out how much sex is too much and how much sex is too little. Learn about the psychology of sexuality so that you can have a psychologically healthy experience of romantic and sexual +

  • Sep 8

    Align Gay Sexuality And Attraction For Success

    Make sex and attraction work for you: Avoid the destructive nature of gay sexuality and attraction. Don’t waste time with men who bring no value to your life except for good sex and +

  • May 15

    Bisexuality As Fragmented Attraction Instead Of Sexual Orientation

    Bisexuality is not a sexual orientation. Virtually all bisexual men have a split attraction. Emotions go to women, sex goes to men. Such split of attraction creates dishonesty and betrayals for anyone who +

  • Nov 8

    3 Skills Every Gay Man Must Master

    Every gay man will face negativity, rejection and complications with dating and relationships. How you handle those situations will depend on your competence in the following three areas: emotional processing, sexual intelligence and self-love. +

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