Art In Gay Life

Take your life to the next level

Art is a gay man’s best friend & teacher. Art makes you a better lover and art makes you a better person. Let’s find out how this works in this video.

Your relationship with art is one of the most important relationships you will have in your life – similar to the relationship with your lover and the relationship with God.

Those gay men who have an ongoing relationship with art, often show emotional availability, self-awareness, and curiosity – traits that make personal relationships easier.

But why should gay men become friends with art? What is so special about art that makes it so powerful for gay men? The answer lies in the ability of art to awaken us to ourselves – to help us discover our potential and to help us stay on course with it.

Current gay culture is in a process of development. It is a young culture that still is trying to produce the values that make our community strong and united. This is why art is important – to help us connect to the hero inside us even though that hero is not manifested through the culture. Art can show us the value of our struggle even though that value is not validated by our friends and leaders.

Most importantly, art can help us transcend our deepest fears and worries and show us the universality of all aspects of our journey. When we surround ourselves with art that inspires us, we can stay persistent and keep hope amidst chaos and turbulence. This is why art has an important role in the lives of gay men.

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