Grindr – The Mental Gay Ward

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When people use Grindr, they are often unaware of how unhealthy, and frankly, toxic Grindr is to our minds, consciousness, and spirit. In this video, I bring up the work of David Hawkins about human consciousness.

In his book “Power Vs Force” he talks about levels of consciousness ranging from 0 to 1,000. He puts God-Consciousness at level 1000 and shame/guilt/humiliation at level 0.

When you use Grindr, most interactions involve shame and humiliation and therefore occur at the very bottom of human consciousness. Knowing this is helpful because in the pursuit of love and friendship we forget the requirements for love and friendship and we set ourselves up for disappointment every time.

It is helpful to recognize that when we seek friendships and relationships, we require the level of interaction to be in a loving and kind space. Unfortunately, Grindr violates all rules of human interaction, contributing to trauma-bonding, rejections, and devaluation.

To help you see this, I also include a tutorial about email and texting so that you see a comparison of a healthy form of communication and a toxic, Grindr form of communication.

By seeing all this, I hope to have persuaded you to get out of Grindr and join a better place for friendships and relationships – Big Gay Family being one option.

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