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Valentine’s Day Confessions: Making it work with Frank. Blue Lagoon.

In this video you will discover how Paul makes it work with Frank after years of relationship struggles and challenges.  You will learn about the 3 levels of how to make a gay relationship bulletproof. You will also learn how to use use symbolism to take the relationship to the space of a “Blue Lagoon”.

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2018 Rules For Gay Dating In NYC, Los Angeles, Miami!

Discover how to succeed in gay relationships in the biggest metropolitan areas such as NYC, Chicago, Miami and Los Angeles. Find out how to avoid the mistakes that make dating difficult and unpleasant. Discover how to protect yourself from the influences of the consumerism and sex culture that dominate the space in NYC, Miami and Los Angeles.

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The Future Of Gay Masculinity

The future of gay masculinity is looking up to be a great surprise. Masculinity is not tribalism. Tattoos, style, consumerism and the sex culture do not reflect the true nature of masculinity. Masculinity is also not about being a vigilante. Violence and force are not expressions of masculinity. Watch the video to discover the new design for masculinity for the future of gay men.

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