Check your levels of cognitive competency about love and gay relationships.  Find out if your psychology supports a healthy dating process that leads to a long term relationship.

These tests have been re-done in 2015 and are most up to date.

2015 Gay Relationship Competency Test

Free test measures your level of competency in your relationship. Failure of this test signals challenges and difficulties in future relationships.

Discover powerful techniques and mind-states that help you overcome all challenges in your life.  This training was developed exclusively for gay men over 40 years old who struggle with emotional attachments to food, toxic relationships and who carry limiting beliefs about love, prosperity and happiness.

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Miami Gay Mastermind Meetings

Meet Gay Explorers, Visionaries & Leaders. Connect & Share Ideas.

Miami Gay Mastermind is an invitation-only private group of professional gay men who are looking to create life-long friendships and relationships while challenging themselves in attitudes towards health, love and prosperity.

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