Video Training Courses

Your Perfect Husband

Discover a faster way to meet your Perfect Husband (the ideal man) and settle down into a committed relationship.

You don’t need to take 10-20 years of trial and error to find your Perfect Husband. You only need a few hours inside this training to discover who he is, where to meet him and how to connect with him.  Inside the training, you get exercises to clarify the traits of your Perfect Husband so that you focus exclusively on the men you want to meet instead of spending time with everyone and going nowhere.  A few hours of training saves you years of frustrations!

Your Perfect Dating Sequence

Discover the secret habits and mindsets behind a dating strategy that produces instant connections and trusting relationships.

Your first dates are the BIRTH or DEATH of a possible love affair, long-term relationship or marriage.  Those men who come prepared and have a strategy have a 90% higher chance of success than those who rely on serendipity and luck. Despite what we hear in movies and from love stories - successful dating starts with the understanding of human psychology and how emotional connections work.  This is how you go from dating nightmares into dating victories. And with this course you get step-by-step frameworks and best-practices that turn your dating into relationships. This course also gives you advanced strategies for how to build instant connections that become the foundations for AUTHENTIC relationships and marriage.  With this course you can replace mistakes with victories and create the relationship/marriage you always wanted.

Gay Compatibility Formula

Get the formula for a long lasting marriage, committed relationship and monogamy.

Most breakups happen because gay men meet incompatible men or choose partners who are NOT READY for relationships.  But today, you can discover a smarter way of choosing your lovers so that your relationships last forever.  Gay Compatibility Formula is an advanced training that teaches you how to look for men who are compatible with your psychology and life’s journey so that you ensure long term commitment and marriage. Understanding gay compatibility is the fastest way to make a marriage work and to avoid frustrations in gay relationships.  Without compatibility most relationships struggle to take off and result in breakups. Discovering the traits of your compatible partner is the first step in creating long-term relationships that turn into marriage.