Step By Step Programs For Success In Gay Relationships

In terms of the work I have completed with Paul, Paul is an extremely reliable, trustworthy and dedicated person. He will make sure that what you are seeking in a healthy relationship – he will help you find ways to find that relationship and to make sure it lasts.
Paul’s courses and coaching helped me fully understand my past relationship struggles. He also gave me tools to make relationship choices today that are right for me, and he gave me a sense of confidence about my ability to develop a healthy gay relationship in the future. You owe this kind of coaching to yourself and I urge you to have the courage to give it your full effort.

Gay Relationship Mindsets

Powerful Psychological, Strategic and Spiritual Mindsets For Success In Long Term Gay Relationships Leading To Marriage

Gay Relationship Mindsets is a collection of mental frameworks that empower any gay man to create a gay relationship from scratch within 3-6 months.  When you use the Gay Relationship Mindsets, you quickly see a massive change in your results.  You feel stronger, more confident and competent about what to do to meet a higher quality lover and create a strong connection.

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Gay Compatibility Formula

New Science Behind Long Term Gay Love And Marriage: 7 Dimensions Of Gay Compatibility Every Gay Man Must Know To Succeed In Long Term Relationships And Marriage

Gay Compatibility Formula teaches you how to identify, meet and create a relationship with another gay men that results in long term commited and monogamous relationship leading to marriage.

It is a huge myth that you will have one relationship for the rest of your life.  As an adult, you will be going through multiple stages of development: emotional stages, sexual stages and spiritual stages.  If any of those stages are interrupted, you will experience a temporary relationship as a container for the work necessary to move to the next stage.

Commitment, monogamy and loyalty are possible for gay men who have completed their emotional and sexual development.  If not, they are victims of co-dependent relationship that often result in anxieties and worse – missed life’s opportunities.

Unlike heterosexual men and women, gay men come with different levels of experience of being gay.  A closeted gay men is not compatible with an openly gay man.  Recently out gay man is not ready for a committed relationship.  Also, gay men with limited sexual experiences are not compatible with those who have experimented and are ready to settle down.

Gay Compatibility Formula is an advanced training that teaches you how to look for men who are compatible with your psychology and life’s journey so that you ensure long term commitment and marriage.

Sex On The Rocks

Fresh New Perspectives On Gay Sexuality: How To Have The Best Sex Ever And Create Long Term Relationships And Marriage

Sex On The Rocks is an advanced training in the psychology of gay sexuality so that you never again struggle in your relationships and marriage because of mistakes related to sex.

Most gay men enter their adult life without any introduction to gay sexuality and they destroy amazing relationships because of the misunderstanding about how gay sex works and its function inside gay relationships and marriage.

Most gay men struggle in their sexuality because of incomplete sexual development.  Completed sexual development is required for a healthy gay relationship. If two partners vary in their sexual development,  betrayal, lies and deception often follow.

Sex works differently for gay men who are closeted, gay men who have been out for a few years and gay men who have been out for more than 10 years. Differences in age also contribute to sexual miscommunication because of the differences in emotional development of each person. A 25 year old is more emotionally open than a 45 year old.

With more sexual experience comes a realization that there is more to life than sex.  This is the foundational awareness for a healthy relationship between two gay men. Without such awareness, one partner is left with unrealized sexual experiences and feels unsatisfied sexually and psychologically.

Sex On The Rocks training teaches you how to tell if your partner is ready for a relationship and how to guide your partner so that you both match your level of sexual development and satisfaction and how to ensure that sex never becomes the obstacle to long term relationship and marriage.

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