Coronavirus & The New Normal (Gay)

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In this video you will learn about the hidden agendas behind coronavirus and how to prepare for the new normal that coronavirus will bring to the American society.  All social activities including sex, dating, social events, personal interactions will be affected by coronavirus and the hysteria that will come with it.

Coronavirus is not just about a sickness, it is also about control and power.  The world is at crossroards today and many people are awakening to the maniuplation and deception that has been going on for decades, perhaps hundreds of years.  The strategies of the elites to keep people ignorant are no longer working. Too many people are waking up and too many people are willing to fight.  This is why the elites are using another tool, this time a virus, to restrict our freedoms, to suffocate any resistence and to bring in totalitarian global regime.

The virus itself is not the biggest threat, but the response to it by the governments and the restrictions that will be placed on all of us in terms of travel, social activities, first amendment rights, second amendment rights and so on.

The implications of this will be felt in every area of our lives – socially, financially, mentally.