Gay Templars – The Men Of Tomorrow

Let’s take a deeper dive into the meaning and practice of elite-level masculinity – The Gay Templars’ level! The true nature of masculinity can only be experienced on the inside. To the proportion that women feel emotions – men feel a special bond with each other when they are inside an adventure or building something together. The best traits of men come out of such experience of creating, building and sometimes destroying things togetherness. In this video, you will learn about those traits.

Happy New Year 2019

Best wishes to all gay men seeking love and success in 2019.   Before this year is over, let’s reflect on the biggest lessons learned in 2018.  Let’s integrate the victories, the attempts to grow and the results produced.  Let’s say goodbye to the past and welcome the future.  Let’s forgive all hurts and let go of the pain.  Let’s get clearer about the next year and enter into it with direction and focus.   Wishing you all the best,  Paul!

Like In Life, Good Melody Has Pain

I recorded this video back in 2016 when I was sick.  I was living in Miami at that time and purchased a guitar from craigslist.  The great thing about music is that it teaches you about the different melody types – minor chords are all about sadness and major chords are all about happiness.  When you combine those together the melody comes out beautiful.  Check out the melody I am playing and you will see for yourself.