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  • Jan 11@ 10:14 pm

    National Emergency For Gay Relationships Video

    In just a few years, relationships are going to become a luxury instead of an expectation. Most gay men will only dream of having a relationship in their lives. For most gay men - relationships will be impossible. +

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  • Dec 31

    Happy New Year 2019

    Best wishes to all gay men seeking love and success in 2019.   Before this year is over, let's reflect on the biggest lessons learned in 2018.  Let's integrate the victories, the attempts to grow and +

  • Dec 28

    What is BAD SEX really? (gay)

    Most information about gay sex is inadequate to guide men to create healthy relationships. This is why ideas that are counter-intuitive are usually the ones that make good sexual relationships possible. In this +

  • Dec 15

    Stop Punishing Yourself By Being Single (Gay)

    Get a deeper insight into what may be stopping you from creating relationships that work. For many gay men, being single is not just about not being able to find a compatible partner - +

  • Dec 8

    Like In Life, Good Melody Has Pain

    I recorded this video back in 2016 when I was sick.  I was living in Miami at that time and purchased a guitar from craigslist.  The great thing about music is that it teaches you +

  • Nov 27

    Man-To-Man Talk About The Gay Relationship Crisis

    Why are relationships so difficult for gay men? Why are most gay men single? What is going on under the surface that may not be visible that creates this crisis? This video +

  • Nov 19

    5 Brave Ideas That Guarantee Relationship Success In 2019 For Gay Men!

    Discover five brave ideas that will help you break through the dysfunctions of the modern gay culture and create the relationships you always wanted, including getting married. Are you getting your ideas about gay +

  • Nov 17

    Sexual Meltdown Strategies For Gay Men

    Sexual Meltdown is the experience of sexual perfection that includes sexual compatibility and emotional chemistry. Sexual meltdown happens with a man who has all the physical traits that turn you on in addition to +

  • Nov 4

    How Gay Men Lost Innocence & How To Get It Back

    Has the gay culture lost innocence? Have we all become sex addicts and lost the ability to appreciate truth, inner-beauty and each other? What if shame pushed the gay community over the edge +

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