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  • Nov 27

    Sex Vs Commitment (Gay)

    Over the past 40 years, gay men defined a relationship as a vehicle of sex. This is why most gay +

  • Nov 25

    Happy Thanksgiving

    Happy Thanksgiving! Thank you for being here on this journey with me. Thank you for watching my videos and +

  • Nov 25

    The Future Of Gay Dating

    The world has changed. Dating and relationships have become more and more unpleasant and difficult. Most gay men continue +

  • Nov 24

    Commitment Based Gay Social Program

    Discover the future for gay relationships, gay friendships, and the gay community at large. The 2022 version of Big Gay +

  • Nov 6

    No More Fear (Gay)

    When you are single, there is fear. When you are in love - fear goes away. Think about +

  • Nov 2

    Every Man’s Trap (Gay)

    Most gay men live their whole lives jumping from one trap to another, especially with sex and choices of partners. +

  • Oct 25

    Fastest Way To Fall In Love (Gay)

    Welcome to Social Contracts - the fastest way to fall in love. Social Contracts are containers for intimacy, healing, +

  • Oct 15

    Aliens, Kids & Narcissists (Gay)

    Narcissism is not about just selfishness. It is about a developmental injury that makes empathy and love impossible. +

  • Oct 1

    The Anal Sex Moment (Gay)

    The conversation about anal sex is a conversation about honesty, more than physiology and logic. Are gay men really +


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The world is accelerating fast.  To succeed in today’s world you will need a sharp mind and powerful strategies.  Without healthy relationships, you will be spending TOO MUCH time compensating for them and healing from depression and anxieties.

To be successful in your life as a gay man you will need to focus more on self-understanding and relationships than ever before.   Knowledge is power.  But action potential comes from emotion, not knowledge – this is where love and relationships come in.

Enjoy all the videos and for more, please join us at the Big Gay Family Social Program.

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