I bet you have always wandered about the best places to meet someone.   You probably already know where to go to find a “hookup” and I will not spend time on that here.  What we will talk about are places and situations that are the best predictors for dating and relationship success.

Are there best places to find a boyfriend?  Sure there are.  Does it matter where I find him? Of course it does. Psychologists say that the circumstances surrounding the first time you lay your eyes on someone have a powerful affect at the rest of the relationship.

This is why you should be careful when and where you meet your mates.

The absolute best way to meet someone is in a healthy, friendly environment: gym, coffee house, business networking event, party, while walking your dog, going for a walk along the ocean/river/lake.

The timing also matters. If you are meeting someone who just lost a job actually increases your chances ( contrary to what most people say ).  Men who are going through hard times (breakups, family death) are more eager to bond with another person and are less likely to be picky about who they bond with.

This is why sometimes you see two guys together – one really hot and the other “less hot”. This is the reason why. They most likely met when one person was going through tough times and the other person showed support.  They anchored each other.

Research shows that first impressions are incredibly important. We are wired through 1000’s of years of living in caves and open spaces to watch out for danger and either “flee or approach”.  This is why we pay attention to every detail during the initial meeting.  Different rules for communication will apply if you are meeting someone at a gym versus at a cafe.

The quality of the relationship will go up if you initially met in a “friendly” zone versus at a dark, smokey bar with a backroom.

If you want to set up a date,  the absolute best place is outside in a park or a walk along the ocean/river/lake. There is something about nature that makes us bond faster and get stimulated.  Remember that men are more animalistic than women.  The territory does matter.

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