Gay Lineage Fundamentals

Discover world-class ideas for how to develop a powerful community. In this video, we are laying down the principles for a strong and powerful community made for gay men who want something more than a hookup culture and the pursuit of sex. This community is for those gay men who want an adventure that offers solutions to all life’s challenges – relationships, health, and abundance.

Gay Collective Fantasy

There is a secret method to achieve abundance, love, and happiness. This method has been hidden for centuries and kept away from us. This secret method is the use of our imagination to create a new type of community – the community of light. Watch this video if you want to take part in the most exciting adventure of your life – building the Community Of Light and entering the Gay Eden.

The Gay Pilgrimage – How It Works

To build a powerful community you will need powerful ideas. The idea of a pilgrimage is commonplace in many traditions and cultures. It symbolizes sacrifice and obedience to an idea. The people who participate in the pilgrimage often end up bonding for life. This is why the idea is so powerful and this is why we are including it in the design of the Gay Eden.