Ready For Marriage/Love Or Still Experimenting?

We spend half of our life figuring out who we are and what we want. Being ready for a relationship is the end result of that process. Not knowing who we are and what we want creates confusion during dating and inability to follow through. In addition, being driven by sex and status also delays the process of clarity and authenticity about our needs.  We are distracted by the superficial sexual impulses and the status seeking to give us a sensation of significance. 

Emotional connections for gay men are not a sign of weakness, but a sign of strength.

When a man discovers how to express his emotions, his life changes instantly. Emotional awareness makes a man more powerful. The obstacles related to withholding emotions are no longer present and the man can move forward without being held back. Stuckness happens when a man cannot open up emotionally. But when emotional expression is restored – he is able to change and move forward with his plans.

How Absence Of Women Affects Gay Men In Relationship Pursuits

Absence of women in romantic gay relationships makes it difficult for gay men to understand how relationships work. In heterosexual relationships, it is not the men who create relationships, but the women. And because gay men copy mostly after heterosexual men, who rarely know how to make relationships work, gay men do not inherit the behaviors that make relationships possible. This is the the reason why most gay men struggle in relationships for many years.