Dealing With Heavy Stuff (Gay)

Are you currently dealing with heavy stuff in your life? Did someone recently break up with you? Did you lose your job recently? Are you feeling upset about the world and don’t know how to find strength? This video will show you how to deal with heavy “stuff” and how to bring empowerment, resilience, and strength.

Strong Men First (Gay)

Every powerful community needs to have strong men at the center.  Without strong men, there are no principles, no discipline and no order.  To build a powerful gay community we need to start with strong men and expand into the rest of the community.  In this podcast, you will learn about the principles of a powerful and futuristic gay community that guarantees long-term relationships and friendships for everyone.

Early Dementia Via Anal Sex

The psychology of anal sex is fascinating. Here you will discover how anal sex contributes to Cognitive Dissonance (early dementia) for gay men. More than that… you will be able to free yourself from primitive and low IQ thinking that has been dominating the gay world since the 1980’s.