Rebuilding Gay Culture Part 2: Hierarchy, Trust, Meta Society, Unity, Paradise

Strong and healthy culture takes away all existential burdens and suffering faster than any other intervention. Inside a harmonious social structure everyone is taken care of because everyone is united under the same umbrella of moral ideals, vision and honorable causes. Watch this video to discover how the new gay culture can revolutionize the way gay men live their lives.

The New Gay Culture Part 1 – Ideas From The Future

In this video you will learn about how to rebuild the gay culture towards a new and better direction. We can live inside of a culture that promotes virtues, noble causes and a healthy lifestyle instead of living in a culture that continuously discusses diseases, inequality and death. Let me show you how we can come together and create an exciting culture that gives us good relationships, success and joy.

Drag Queens Retard Gay Men & Demoralize Them With Indifference

Gay men have to be smarter about protecting their masculinity and identity. Spending time around drag queens will regress their masculinity and demoralize them with indifference. Psychologically speaking, drag queens have a split personality disorder that is normalized by the LGBT leadership under the pretext of equality. This is how the gay community is held back and no progress is seen with relationships, love and success. It is time gay men see through the regression and demoralization and refuse to spend time around men who hate themselves and their identity and pretend to be someone else.

Grindr Sells Hiv Data & LGBT Corruption On All Levels

LGBT community is not exempt from the presence of dishonest companies like Grindr selling private information to third party vendors. Grindr has been caught selling private information related to the Hiv status of their members and their location to third party companies that may have used that information to sell drugs for HIV positive men. Private information about sexual patterns, photos of x-rated body parts may still be sitting on Grindr’s private servers waiting to be used for ulterior motives by anyone finding their use necessary.

How To Connect & Bond Deeply With Gay Men

Discover how to connect deeply and bond with another gay man for long term committed relationships. At the beginning, we want to dispel a myth of a sexual connection being enough to bond deeply with another man. Sexuality very rarely creates trust and safety on its own and this is why it is not a reliable way to build long term relationships. Instead, we want to turn our attention to the domain of emotion and psychology as the place where true and deep connection occurs. This video explains the dynamic by giving you examples and thorough explanations.