Aries + Pisces
Fire + Water = Steam

You could feel an initial attraction with Pisces, only to realise later that in fact the connection isn’t all that strong. These two star signs work to create powerful first impressions, and sexual impulses, but there are deeper differences which need to be addressed.

You should think carefully before involving yourself with Pisces, for though your planets, Mars and Jupiter, work well together in some ways, it’s not the most effective combination.

Water extinguishes fire, and Pisces will dampen your ardent spirit and fun-loving nature. Pisces is the hidden and secretive zone for you, so there could even be something clandestine or mysterious about your relationship — the way you meet or the way the relationship develops could be quirky and a little out of the mainstream.

Looking at the combination in the reverse way, fire boils water and turns it into steam. So while you can cause change in Pisces, you cannot change their essential quality. In a nutshell, you could be a handful for sensitive Pisces, but Pisces water could extinguish your flame permanently!

Aries can plough through any situation, but Pisces is thin-skinned, and experiences things from a wholly different vantage point. You need to understand that Pisces is very different from you, and you need to make allowances — this will be a continual challenge you’re not likely to be up to. At times you’ll feel Pisces is simply doing nothing and you’ll want to put a bomb under them (fire, right?) to get them moving. Pisces will see this as a superficial approach to their emotional needs.

So what are the positives to this combination? First, Pisces will teach you about spirituality, empathy, compassion, and the deeper mysteries of life, if you’re prepared to listen.

Second, Pisces will always be there to support you. Pisces will love you unconditionally, especially when it comes to your sensual appetites: Pisces will give you more than you’re prepared to reciprocate with. You mustn’t take Pisces for granted, though, so if you can’t see this working as a long-term liaison, don’t even bother.

In terms of the different birth groups of Pisceans, the least compatible will be those born between 19 February and 28 February. You don’t feel very drawn to them; sometimes you may even feel physically drained by their presence. If you’re looking for a spiritual or low-key relationship, this one may fit the bill.

Those Pisces born between 1 March and 11 March will be quite compatible with you because of their Cancer association. Cancer is strongly connected to your domestic needs, and will help you calm your family issues. You two are quite different personalities, but you will be attracted to each other.

There’ll be plenty of intense and passionate interplay if you connect with someone born between 12 March and 20 March. There’s a sexual fire burning between you two. That hot and wild energy will burn itself out pretty quickly, though, once the passion of the moment is quelled.

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