Aries + Capricorn
Fire + Earth = Lava

This really is a pretty tough romantic combination, Aries. The forecast is for an uphill battle! Some astrologers might even say that this is the most unpleasant match in the zodiac! Your ruling planets — Mars and Saturn — are diametrically opposed forces. You’re extroverted, whereas Capricorn is introverted and shy, even sullen at times.

Capricorn is sober, practical, realistic, slow and steady — and a wee bit too conservative for your liking, Aries. They need a carefully mapped out plan for everything in life. You prefer the thrill of the unknown, and are always excited about where life’s river might take you. These are very different attitudes, you’d have to agree. If you find yourself attracted to a Capricorn, don’t expect them to drop everything, on an impulse, to do something with you. It just won’t happen. Your wild and impulsive moods will give them the heeby-jeebies.

An Aries–Capricorn combination will pull your reins tight, and pretty soon you will be feeling boxed in, like a caged bird with its wings clipped. You’ll be unable to exercise your freedom-loving muscles. From the other side of the picture, your lively and exuberant energy will make traditionalist Capricorn feel as though they’re being whipped into race pace, which they hate — they need everything in their life to move at a slower and more deliberate speed. However, Capricorns secretly wish they could experience life the way you do, with boundless effervescent energy and optimism.

Saturn, the ruler of Capricorn, is laid up in Aries. This means the stern and sober attitude of that earthy star sign is essentially at odds with you. Capricorn could well put out your fire.

Work may not be a problem area in this combination, surprisingly. Doing things together professionally can work well, even though the combination is not particularly inspiring. You can make money together, but is that enough? Capricorns born between 22 December and 1 January will seem extremely aloof and impenetrable to you, and you will be uncomfortable around them. You need someone with a more up-front personality. There won’t be enough excitement here to maintain your interest.

Those born between 11 January and 20 January give you much more mental stimulation than the earlier-born Capricorns. But overall, this combination still doesn’t work well for you. The reverse is not true, though, because Mars is powerful in Capricorn: these Capricorns will be excited by your strong will and the passionate way you express yourself. It’s a pity you won’t feel the same way.

Those born between 2 January and 10 January are a better match for you sexually and emotionally because of Venus’ influence on them. You might be physically attracted to these Capricorns, as they will be more sensual and more able to demonstrate their feelings for you. This combination is worth a try, but you’ll still be feeling as though you’re treading on eggshells all the time.

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