Aries + Aries
Fire + Fire = Explosion

You are both very fiery and demanding individuals, so ego clashes are likely to dominate your partnership if you can’t calm each other — or yourselves — down. You are both always sure you are right, too, so seeing eye to eye will be difficult.

However, the Aries double has a lot going for it. For a start, both of you are spontaneous and impulsive. Also, you are both creative individuals, and sparks of inspiration will fly between you. The combination is going to be dynamic, bold, and extremely exciting. As a couple, you’ll make a great impact on the world as long as you don’t spend half your time and energy competing, trying to outdo each other.

If your relationship has been built on the basis that you are equals, the fire element produces tremendous vision and industriousness. Your combined power and effort could well be a force to be reckoned with — but again, only if you both learn to subdue your own ego in the service of each other. Remember, you can’t always be right. You need to try hard to see things from each other’s perspective; this will help the two of you become a great partnership over time.

The relationship will work well if you support each other’s dreams and take pleasure in the aspirations and ambitions you share. Doing this will help you overcome your differences and confrontational moments, and there will definitely be some of those. So you need to find common ground, shared dreams and ideals. When you do, you will be able to move mountains together — possibly even build an empire.

Another great thing about the two of you is that you will encourage each other in work and social areas. But you need to make sure that you do not seek too much independence, individually. If you do, it could create a rift between you, and it may lead to possessiveness.

It will take continual effort to keep the flame of love alive, and stop it being blown out by battling egos and stubbornness. But as well as the pluses already listed, there are others.

First, the dynamic fire of Aries will generate tremendous heat between the two of you. Sexually, each of you understands the other’s needs, so your physical relationship will be raw and unbridled and inspiring — much more than satisfying.

In matters of intimacy, your connection may be so strong that you are in danger of sacrificing your emotional and mental connection and focusing only on the sensual. That would be a shame, because you both have a high degree of intelligence to share with one another.

Second, as well as this passion there’s a childlike innocence about your love and friendship. You’ll often feel youthful and childlike together, and there will be plenty of joyful, playful activity.

You are best suited to an Aries born between 9 April and 19 April: these people are very lucky for you. Jupiter and Sagittarius hold sway over them. Good fortune and unexpected gains will result from this combination.

There will be plenty of fire and brimstone if you hook up with those born between 21 March and 30 March — this is due to Mars’ influence.

If you get together with an Aries born between 31 March and 10 April, you’ll experience a great deal of social and physical satisfaction. They are influenced by Leo and the Sun.

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