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Bringing Good Men Together

► Get monthly introductions.
► Meet educated men.
► Bring stability to your life.

Meet Paul

By 2018, Paul has spent over 9,000 hours coaching gay professionals. With over 600 publicly available videos on youtube and social media, Paul is the world’s leader in educating gay men about gay relationships and gay sexuality.

In addition to publicly available videos, Paul’s is the author of world-class video courses about the psychology of gay compatibility, sexuality and bonding.

Paul’s perspectives on gay sexuality and gay relationships promote the redemption of human nature and invite every gay man to spiritual awakening.

Paul is also the founder of the Big Gay Family Social Program that includes introductions, video courses and personal coaching. Big Gay Family is the world’s first social program that promotes humanism as its core philosophy.

Members of the Big Gay Family Social Program promote the ideas of involvement, continuity and consensus.  We welcome every gay intellectual, gay professional and everyone else to join us.

Personal Life:

Paul came out at the age of 19 and experienced gay relationships and friendships while living in popular gay locations of: Chicago, New York, Fort Lauderdale, Miami and Denver.

Paul met Frank in 2010 and continues to build a strong and authentic relationship with him despite challenges, broken hearts and mistakes. Relationship with Frank has given Paul a playground to test his ideas about sexuality, communication and bonding.

Trips Into The Mountains

Life Philosophy

Think Big

Create a Big Vision and raise above self-doubt. Practice courage daily. Remove distractions and don’t let others stop you from dreaming big ideas.

Stay Present

Immerse yourself in spiritual practices so that you are strong, clear and grounded. Stay present to all obstacles without fear and self-doubt.

Be A Leader

Don’t be afraid of life. Quiet down so that you can hear your inner voice. Listen to it! Create your own context. Do the difficult thing with excellence.

Personal Life

Have you been to the mountains lately?

For me, mountains have become my second home.  I love hiking at night with lights clipped to my forehead.  Periodically I sit down on the ground in the deep forrest and turn the lights off and feel the vibrations of nature in total darkness.

Frank is amazing, despite losing his mom last year and his father this year.   We are having the best time of our lives hiking tall mountains, visiting cabins, trails, caves and hot tubs.  One fascinating part about hiking in late summer is the amount of mushrooms growing on the ground in the forests.   If you are a mushroom lover, summer and fall hikes in Colorado are a must.

Denver and Boulder have a thriving Sufi community.  I was originally introduced to the Sufi teachings by Ina Lee from Fort Lauderdale.  After 8 years of practicing Sufi meditations, I am a regular visitor at Boulder and Denver Sufi gatherings.

Sufi Zikr dance is in my opinion one of the most powerful experiential practice for reconnecting with a sense of inner-being and love – especially for gay men who have issues with intimacy and closeness.  Sufi teachings have become an important part of my life, giving me lots of new ideas for coaching programs and philosophical introspection.

Thanks for reading, enjoy the blog and videos.
Your friend & coach,

Big Gay Family Social Program

Big Gay Family Social Program started in 2010 in Miami by Paul Angelo. Today available in most cities. After 8 years and 1000’s of hours of experience, Big Gay Family offers a unique process to help all members meet their future husbands, best friends and activity partners.

Most dating services today are run by corporations who care very little about gay men. This is why most online dating services don’t work.

Big Gay Family Social Program works because it is designed by a gay man who has been in relationships for most of his life and who has 1,000’s of hours of coaching experience. We use psychology and social innovation to help you connect faster, easier and for life.

Big Gay Family Social Program is for educated gay professionals looking to meet gay men without distractions, frustrations and negativity.  Big Gay Family offers introductions, coaching and video training for every member.


“Big Gay Family is a perfect substitute to gay bars, online dating and short term relationships.  I have been looking for this type of service for years. Today, I am not on any websites, I don’t meet men at bars and I no longer have to worry about friends and lovers. Big Gay Family gives me introductions every month and I can finally relax and focus on my career and business.”

Steve from New York

“I joined Big Gay Family because I was tired of the games and rejections and disrespect from online dating and meeting shallow people.  Big Gay Family protects me from men who are not ready for a relationship and who are not mature enough for commitment.  I am very pleased with the services offered by Big Gay Family Social Program.”

Jim from Miami

Your Future

Discover a new way to meet gay men without risks and frustrations.

► Get monthly introductions.
► Meet educated men.
► Bring stability to your life.