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Coming Out & Gay Life

Paul came out at the age of 19 and experienced gay relationships and friendships while living in popular gay locations of: Chicago, New York, Fort Lauderdale, Miami and Denver.

Paul met Frank in 2010 and continues to build a strong and authentic relationship with him despite challenges, broken hearts and mistakes. Relationship with Frank has given Paul a playground to test his ideas about sexuality, communication and bonding.

Personal Life

Ever since I moved to Colorado in 2015, I have fallen in love with the mountains.  I especially love hiking at night with lights clipped to my forehead.  Periodically I sit down on the ground and turn the lights off and feel the vibrations of nature in total darkness.

Frank is doing amazing.  We are having the best time of our lives hiking tall mountains, visiting cabins, trails, caves and hot tubs.  One fascinating part about hiking in late summer is the amount of mushrooms growing on the ground in the forests.   If you are a mushroom lover, summer and fall hikes in Colorado are a must.

In the near future I will be moving further into the mountains – hiking through the most beautiful trails in the state.  I plan to spend my 40’s in the Colorado area.

Searching For The Gay Eden

Searching for the magical world filled with hope and love.

Mystery Of The Mountains

My real life began at 40 when I moved to Colorado and experienced the mountains. I had no idea that climbing tall mountains would give me so much happiness and joy. The best part is that I can share that joy with Frank who often joins me during the long hikes.

Mountains teach you discipline and order. Each time I go for a long hike, I need to prepare, study the trails, study the weather, and commit to the plan. It is a good mental and physical exercise and it shows you that you can accomplish big things.

Each time I reach the top of a 14,000+ foot mountain I remind myself how strong and capable I can be. Nothing seems impossible after summiting a difficult mountain.

I must also say that the romantic moments during the long hikes with Frank revealed the true meaning of love ;)

Big Gay Family Social Program

Hookup and dating apps today are frustrating and can lead to depression and anxieties.  Meeting men for love requires a different method and mindset. If you want to get married and settle down – Big Gay Family offers the tools and the men that help you get there faster.

Including are the following:

  • Access to men via monthly introductions
  • Pathways to connect
  • Family Messenger for communication
  • Full Engagement Social Game

Family Messenger

All relationship issues relating to sex, commitment, intimacy, trust are communication issues.  If we want to transform the way gay men build relationships we need to transform the way they talk.  Family Messenger is the latest upgrade to the Big Gay Family Social Program.

Family Messenger gives you:

  • Faster way to build intimacy
  • Easier way to communicate emotions
  • Simplified communication framework
  • 3-Day guarantee for responses

The Gay Eden

The Gay Eden is a collection of ideas that came to me while hiking the mountains and imagining the ideal community of men.  Some of these ideas are already implemented in the Big Gay Family Social Program, while many others are on the horizon.

The Gay Eden is about building the most powerful and beautiful community we could build.  With today’s insights into psychology, sociology and spirituality – we can build a new world where friendships and long term relationships are a commonplace.

I am excited to share more during the Gay Eden Lectures coming up in 2020.  Ideas discussed will include the following:

  • Lineage
  • Pilgrimage
  • Community Of Light
  • Social AI & Technology
  • Collective Fantasy

See you in the lectures!

Your New Adventure!

Discover better ways to meet men and build relationships.

Art & Magic

Everyone is an artist.  Every activity in your life can be an expression of your inner artist.  You decide every day!

To me, art offers the doorway to deeper meaning – often not available in the gay culture.  In November 2015, I spent an entire week visiting four museums in Boston – spending the entire day looking at paintings, sculptures, vases and ornaments.   I finally understood the necessity for art in our lives.  Art is the fuel to our soul.  Through art, we can communicate, inspire and transform.  Without art, we die inside!

Big Gay Family Social Program is an example of what happens when we mix art with socialization.  We end up inside a world of artistic self expression enhanced by the desire to build friendships and relationships.  If you love art, you will love the Big Gay Family.

Client Stories

Since 2010, Paul has worked with 1,000’s of gay men. Below are videos from a small number of Paul’s students who volunteered to go on camera and share their story.  Enjoy!


Big Gay Family Social Program

Big Gay Family is the most advanced social program in the world.  It gives you access to men, pathways to connect and protection from anti-relationship behaviors.  Our members are gay professionals: physicians, executives, educators, nurses, entrepreneurs, scientists and artists.

Inside the program, members get world-class tools to accelerate intimacy and remove obstacles to healthy relationships.  Family Messenger helps you overcome issues related to connecting and creating intimacy.  Full Engagement Social Game gives you access to an 8-Week intimate series of interactions that create trust and a foundation for a long-term relationship.

Big Gay Family also offers educational courses that teach gay men about the psychology of gay relationships.

I joined Big Gay Family because I was tired of the games and rejections from online dating.  Big Gay Family protects me from men who are not ready for a relationship and who are not mature enough for commitment. I am very pleased with the services offered by Big Gay Family Social Program!

Jim from Miami

Interesting Facts About Paul

An interesting fact about Paul is that in his mid 20’s he worked as a personal trainer. The photos were taken in Chicago in 2005 – at the height of 6’3″ and 230 lb of solid muscle. His interest in body building started at the age of 14.

In reality, staying that big involved lots of sacrifice, endless hours at the gym, ridiculous eating habits and lifting heavy weights.

Today, Paul is no longer interested in building muscles. The health and fitness perspective has changed drastically.  No more protein powders, no more supplements, no more gyms.  Today Paul has an exercise machine at home and the rest includes long walks in nature, hikes, healthy eating at home and regular fasting.

In 2020 Paul will be working on a health and fitness program to help gay men stay fit and healthy.   Health is the most important thing in life and Paul has always believed that with good health – anything is possible.

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