Do you remember the last time when you met someone really hot for a hookup but you really liked the person and wanted to go out on a date? There are techniques you can use to turn the hookup into a date.

Don’t forget to read the disclaimer at the bottom of this p0st for a very important clue that will help you with turning a hookup into a date.

  1. Reject the person for a reason not related to his looks.  This might seem counter-intuitive but this is exactly why it works.  You want to break the “pattern” so that the guy forgets about meeting you for a hookup and see that you are interested in seeing him for another reason. You might say this: “Listen, I find you very good looking but the way we are meeting makes little sense. Why don’t we meet again for coffee?”
  2. Tell him you have to run an errand and take him with you. While you are running the errand, ask questions and learn about the person. This will buy you time to sell yourself to the person.
  3. The old fashioned “let me take you out to dinner”.  This has worked for me many times. By telling the person that you want to take him to dinner, he will be attracted to your confidence. This is always one of the best ways to show your interest.
  4. Make up that you don’t feel well and that you want to get some soup at some place nearby.  I actually did that a few times. It does work. If the guy is a “nice guy” he will understand and if he is into you, he will offer to give you a ride.
  5. If you really like the guy, ask him about his family and relatives. This is always something usually reserved for dates, so by asking about that you are hinting that you are interested in more than just sex.


Many guys are afraid to show vulnerability and as a result turn down possibilities to get to know interesting people. When you meet someone and he makes you feel good, even though it is supposed to be a hookup – don’t let your ego take control.

Express your interest by following the tips above – take the guy to dinner or for coffee. You definitely must give the guy a sign that you are interested.  In the worse case scenario he will reject you but 5 out of 10 times you might luck out and increase your chances for getting to know someone.

You are always playing the numbers game.  The more you practice, the better you get.

Last thing:  hooking up is not the right way to meet people for long term relationships. My advice for you is to join a reputable website for dating and hang out at coffee shops and networking events for best results. More on that in another post.  Good luck!

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  1. I think you should had written the disclaimer first. A hook up is certainly not a way of getting to know people. I really do not believe in them. Ok, I am not Mr Virgin Mary either but I am very Ol fashion in my thinking. A date, get to know the person and see if he is who you would like to progress into a relationship. Dating is the fun part, you get to know another human being that might possible be just as interested in you as you him.

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