Oftentimes we break up with our boyfriends because of petty issues. At that time it is important to remind ourselves the benefits of relationships so that we do not make the wrong decision and end up single again looking for a new boyfriend.

1. Someone that listens.
When someone listens, we feel better about ourselves. To me, this is a requirement since I am always full of ideas and want to be with someone who listens well. You don’t have to agree with me but just hearing me out is key for me to enjoy the time together.
2. Emotional support.
Everyone has problems. It seems that the point of life is to become a good problem solver and to overcome all challenges that come your way. If you have a boyfriend who will give you encouragement and positive affirmation, your ability to problem-solve improves significantly and as a result you live a happier life.
3. Physical pleasure (sex).
I don’t think I need to explain that benefit. Who doesn’t like to roll around naked and feel good. I should mention thought that as I am growing older, the mental connection has to be there first in order for me to enjoy the physical contact or intercourse. I will post another entry about the “Top versus Bottom” issue and perhaps you can educate me about what is wrong and what is right.
4. Companionship. (Not being alone).
This one is very important. No one wants to be alone. When we are alone we are more vulnerable to emotional ups and downs, we feel that something is missing and we are not sure what it is. This is ( I think ) the number one reason why people hook up a lot. They don’t want to be alone, yet they dont know that.
5. Fulfillment. (A feeling of being complete).
This is a big one for me. It’s like the story about the Gods of Olympus who struck a lightening to split a being into two. Ever since then, every person is on a life-long quest to find the other half. When we are in love we feel complete and nothing else matters. Fulfillment feels great. I have had a chance to enjoy it a few times in my life and it feels great. When we lack fulfillment, our work suffers because we cannot find a “center”. This is also a reason for frequent hookups. Guys often think that fulfillment can be found by being close to someone ( physically ) but in fact it makes it more difficult to find the center and focus.

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