True gay man’s story. From denial & confusion into authenticity – a journey into a life that works.

From pretending and lying towards self love and authenticity.

Robert explains the journey that most gay men go through as they get older. First, you accept your facade and how much effort you spend on maintaining it and yet never getting anything real in return.

Second, you realize that good friendships and relationships cannot be created while living in a “externally-motivated” world.  You become more interested in spirituality, learning and self-discovery.

Then you realize you need to learn how to be authentic, which is not automatic.  To be authentic you need to know who you are and what you really want in life.  In a wold of fashion, sex and six-pack-abs finding authenticity can be difficult. This is where your biggest growth will occur. Only after you find your authentic self, you can feel happy and free.

Gay men go through three cycles of the coming out process as described in the book “The Velvet Rage”. Those cycles are crucial to understand for any gay man who is looking to create a successful romantic relationship and who wants a social life that includes trust, loyalty and respect. The video you are about to see describes the personal story of Robert – Paul’s client who has gone through all 3 stages and now shares his experiences.

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