Sex Vs Commitment (Gay)

Over the past 40 years, gay men defined a relationship as a vehicle of sex. This is why most gay men are lonely today. When you reframe the definition of what a relationship means, transformation happens and you create the relationship you always wanted. This video shows you the reframe that has to happen for you to succeed with love in your life.

The Future Of Gay Dating

The world has changed. Dating and relationships have become more and more unpleasant and difficult. Most gay men continue to struggle meeting and connecting for long-term relationships. But you don’t have to struggle like them. You can use an updated dating framework that teaches you the strategy for success. Enjoy the video!

No More Fear (Gay)

When you are single, there is fear. When you are in love – fear goes away. Think about the last time you were close to someone. Did you feel the same about your life? Of course not. In this video, you will learn about a mastery-level perspective about how gay relationships come together.

Every Man's Trap (Gay)

Every Man’s Trap (Gay)

Most gay men live their whole lives jumping from one trap to another, especially with sex and choices of partners. Only those who have therapists and coaches can snap out of this trap. Watch this video to learn about this trap and about the biggest obstacle to personal growth and transformation for men.