Should You Sacrifice Self-Love For Romantic Love In Gay Relationships And Gay Marriages?

Should you choose yourself or your lover? Is self-love more important than romantic love towards another? This video explains the difference and one of the most important lesson every gay man will have to learn in his life. While romantic love feels 100 times stronger, we should not sell out ourselves because the price to pay is way too high.

Meaning Of Death In Gay Life. How To Get Reactivated For Action!

Life has a beginning and life has an end. And in between you work on yourself to become a better, stronger person – so that you can achieve your dreams, so that you can have destiny that is fulfilled, so that you can have a sense of accomplishment, fulfillment and happiness and so that when you are dead – on your thumb stone, you have something to write about that symbolized who you were, what you stood for and what you fought for.