Gay Relationships

Strong positive interpersonal relationships are essential to achieving our success – whether they be work relationships, family relationships or relationships with others in our communities. We’re in almost constant contact with others and we should make every contact an opportunity to strengthen our social skills and reinforce our relationships.

With that in mind, here are fifteen benefits for having a good relationship:

  • You have someone to have great sex with, consistently, perhaps constantly.
  • Larger Circle Of Friends
  • You have someone to take care of you when you’re sick.
  • Waking Up Together
  • Reduced Blood Pressure
  • Higher Energy and Testosterone Levels
  • No More Feeling Alone And Wasting Time On Line
  • More Money & Better Careers
  • Traveling, Dining, Movies Together
  • More Appetite For Life
  • Security In Case You Need Help
  • Someone You Can Depend On
  • No More Feeling Depressed
  • Better “Status” Because Someone Loves You
  • You get to explore, learn about, and connect with another human being on a level like no other.

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