11 New Gay Dating Techniques That Get Him To Beg You Like a Dog For Sex

Tip 1.
Do not give away all your story at the beginning.

Take time revealing your information to your new date or relationship.

Many of you make a big mistake by telling your new date that you declared bankruptcy or that you like to fart in the shower. Keep it to yourself.

Even though you want to be yourself and open about your life and honest about it – keep embarrassing and unusual information to yourself until the right time comes.

First impressions are very powerful and you should reserve the first 10 dates to only positive, interesting stories. Keep controversial and unusual information for later stages of the new relationship.

Tip 2.
Establish monthly social budget and promise to spend it all.

Asking someone else out to dinner conveys confidence, masculinity and control – characteristics of a successful and powerful man.

It doesn’t matter if you are top or bottom either. It doesn’t matter how much money you have and what kind of car you drive – having $100 month as your social budget will get you more dates than you can imagine.

I will go out to dinner with anyone who offers it even though I might not be attracted to him.

This is a great way to get dates. It will be just a matter of a few weeks until you meet someone who appreciates it and falls for you head over heals. But to make that happen you also must listen to the other 7 tips.

Tip 3.
Another tip about the money. If you are older – pick up the tab when you go out to dinner with someone significantly younger.

This is not about the money – this act is symbolic.

There is something sexual and romantic about the older person paying. It doesn’t matter where you go, as long as you pick up the tab. This could be a coffee shop, lunch date or a sexy chocolate cake.

When you pick up the bill – it shows to him that you are interested and it builds reciprocity. This is especially useful if you want to have sex with him.

Tip 4.
Making a big deal about stupid stuff.

If you are driving in the car and you don’t like the music he is playing, don’t force him to turn it off.

On the contrary – tell him how great the music is and that you like it.

Criticizing his music will get him to resent you and make him feel stupid. If you want a man to love you, keep this rule with you at all times – never criticize or judge your man, ever. This leads me to tip number 5.

Tip 5.
Never criticize him directly.

If his breadth is bad or his clothes do not match – do not say anything about it. Men have very big egos – if you hurt it – it is often impossible to repair it.

This is the reason why gay guys break up so often. They will never tell you the real reason, which is something you did to hurt his ego.

Tip 6.
Never judge his preferences and opinions.

This also applies to mans ego. If he is a republican and you a democrat – let it be – don’t argue about it.

If he likes stupid comedies and you like dramas – accept it. You will never agree on everything and picking fights about personal preferences will lead to big arguments because men, unlike women – are more stubborn about their beliefs and attitudes.

Tip 7.
If you want him to change a behavior – don’t ask him to change – first do it yourself.

If you want him to make you breakfast on Sunday morning – make him breakfast every week on Sunday and you will have yours in no time.

If you want him to be monogamous – don’t ask him – just tell him how often you turn down offers for sex from others because you love him.

This method is very powerful. Asking him to do things for you is too direct and many guys find such requests controlling.

Tip 8.
Never end a relationship because you learn he has sex with others.

Statistics show that almost all men are promiscuous. As a result 55% of marriages end in divorces.

But that is silly. Sex only accounts for 5% of a relationship so why would 5% determine 100%. Here are more statistics: 60% of men admit to hiring prostitutes and college surveys reveal that male students admit to wanting 18 partners in their life.

Bottom line is that men will have sex with lots of others and there is not a single thing you can do about it. Accept it and you will have long term relationships in less than 90 days.

Tip 9.
This one is about Your Internet Profile: avoid talking about what you don’t like.

If you are frustrated with how things are on the Internet – tell it to your friends, but do not put it in your profile.

Positive, enthusiastic profiles will invite 100s of more visitors and date requests than complaining about no shows, on line conflicts and how awful things are. Stay positive and only talk about what you want.

Tip 10.
This one also relates to Internet Dating.

If you have multiple accounts, avoid confusing your visitors by having one account for Long Term relationships and another one for sex orgies.

Stick to one agenda and stay on track. It is not a mystery that as men, we want to have sex all the time, but you will get more results by being conservative and focusing your attention on relationships, dating and getting to know them.

Here is a bonus tip 11.
When he makes a mistake – regardless of how severe it is – forgive him.

Explain how much it hurt you but forgive him and give him a second or third chance.

Use the staircase method – imagine that when you meet him – he is on a staircase and that he can only go up or down one step at a time. If he makes a mistake – move him down one step at a time.

This way you will not burn bridges with people easily and as a result you will get to know them better. I find this is an incredible strategy for dealing with difficulties and people with strong personalities.

So these are the 11 tips that will work wanders for you and save your relationships from breakups.

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