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LGBTQ+ has systematically abandoned principles, ethics, morality, intelligence, logic, wisdom, and integrity. I was strongly agreeing all the way through! When I came out out as a young teenager I always knew this, but I gave it the benefit of the doubt mostly because I was in my first relationship with my first boyfriend who was older than me. I paid heavily for trusting him and the toxic community even for a moment. He was severely messed up.

I came from a background where principles, morality, ethics, and logic were held in high esteem. The severe arguments I had with him were so frequent, because he literally didn’t care one bit about having a strong foundation for our relationship. He ended up telling me he wasn’t gay but pansexual, and wanted me to accept having an open relationship or at least having threesome’s on occasion. It was soul crushing, and I still carry the anger. I never compromised who I was and that’s why I left him. I checked his Twitter account a month ago, and he is dating a trans person. Not surprising to me at all, but it goes to show just how pathetic everything in the LGBTQ+ is.

The entire goal of these corrupt organisations linked to LGBTQ+ is to promote dysfunction, depression, promiscuity, illnesses, and misery. You summed it up entirely correct! LGBTQ+ is entirely based on emotionalism and hedonism.

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